About Us

The Principality of Monaco is an established financial centre which attracts international interest and activity from entrepreneurs and their professional advisors.  As a result of this, there is a need for local, independent actuarial advisors to work with and enhance the offerings of the existing advisory community.  NSS Actuarial S.A.M. delivers this service.

We are Monaco’s first actuarial firm – rooted in long and strong connections with the Principality – and are ideally placed to deliver imaginative, effective and technically sound solutions for an extraordinarily diverse international clientele.  We provide practical advice – formulated with expertise but expressed in a clear and easy manner, tailored specifically for each client’s needs.

We aim to ensure that our clients receive a full and comprehensive menu of information and choice - framed by knowledge and intuitive advice - so that they can make the best possible decisions. We provide holistic solutions! Our style is to build friendly, relaxed and enduring relationships with our clients, based on a clear understanding of their needs and aspirations.

A principal speciality is to provide pensions solutions to entrepreneurs, directors, partners in professional firms, senior management and high net worth individuals - for themselves, their families and also for their employees, where appropriate, all tailored to location and residency needs.

Among the services we provide are the following:

  • Actuarial advice on existing pension arrangements
  • International Actuarial Pension advice  including QROPS and QNUPS solutions, selection and consultancy
  • Quantification and assessment of financial needs
  • Design and restructuring of group pensions
  • Actuarially based investment asset allocation and performance measurement
  • Actuarial advice on divorce settlements
  • Evaluation of interests in settled property
  • Actuarial assessment of capital projects
  • Loss and damages assessment


For any enquiries please contact us.

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