Qualifying Non UK Pension Schemes “QNUPS” are particular offshore pension arrangements, financed typically by member contributions, which enjoy protection from UK Inheritance Tax on member contributions and death benefits. They may be subject to fewer investment and reporting requirements than other types of pension arrangements.

They are suited particularly to individuals, whether resident in the UK or overseas, who are likely to retain or reacquire UK domicile. QNUPS offer the opportunity for saving for income needs in middle age or thereafter, in a tax efficient manner, which will enhance inheritance planning simultaneously.

The choice of QNUPS location and provider is all important so as to ensure maximum investment and benefit flexibility and tax efficiency.

NSS Actuarial S.A.M. will provide a full independent counselling service which will include

  • Quantifying likely financial needs
  • Actuarial assessment of required contributions
  • QNUPS design criteria
  • Identifying suitable providers
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