At the dissolution of a marriage or civil partnership appropriate financial provision needs to be made for each of the parties. Pension entitlements are often the most important financial resource for a couple – apart from their home.

The law requires that pension rights must be taken into account in any property division in these circumstances. This does not mean that pension benefits have to be reallocated or shared - but they must be taken into account. It is, however, often convenient to utilise pension resources to make a sustainable financial settlement with a former partner. Solutions can be devised by sharing benefits as they arise, reallocating pension assets from one partner to another and/or adjusting other assets to take account of the value of pension rights.

Why Nigel Sloam & Co?

We have 35 years’ experience providing specialist advice to divorcing parties, their lawyers and the Court.

We provide the full range of pension related advice connected with a divorce on a single or joint instruction basis.

Pension and Divorce Services:

  • Quantifying and assessing the respective pension arrangements and advising on members rights
  • Pension sharing and divorce reports
  • Forensic investigations
  • Dealing with international considerations – including overseas residence and offshore pension entitlements.
  • Advice on alternative ways of sharing pension resources, designed to optimise clients’ needs
  • Assistance with negotiating pension settlements between parties
  • Acting as an expert witness for the Court
  • Guidance on efficient ways to implement pension sharing orders to maximise both parties’ interests
  • Full range of post-divorce pension planning and investment advice

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