Advice to Employees

When an employee loses their livelihood as a result of redundancy or unfair dismissal, actuarial calculations need to be made as to the value of the loss of their net income and other benefits, with a view to placing the individual back in the position that would have applied had the loss not occurred.

We also advise employees changing jobs on the most suitable pension and contribution structure as part of their new remuneration package.

Specifically, we advise employees on:

  • Pension structuring on changing jobs or redundancy
  • Pension structuring following Unfair Dismissal
  • Optimising pension and benefit arrangements when negotiating new contracts
  • Devising pension arrangements when moving abroad
  • Acting as expert witness

Advice to Employers

When circumstances change and key executives need to be made redundant, employers also require actuarial evaluations of loss of pension rights to assist in negotiations.

We advise employers on:

  • Reviewing and advising on new or existing pension structures and contributions for both senior management and regular employees
  • Devising pension arrangements and other provisions for key employees
  • Pensions aspects and usefulness on redundancy

Our Experience

We have specialised in advising companies large and small, their directors and senior management as well as individual personnel by providing actuarial assessment and reports together with a full and innovative range of employment pension planning and investment solutions.

We work closely with employment solicitors from leading law firms and other advisers

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